Hi, I’m Diego Maia Evangelista

A Brazilian User Interface Designer and Frontend Developer.
Currently based in Wellington - NZ.

Laser Kiwi

March 29 2017

The best flag of all times came to light when NZ goverment started a referendum to change the national flag.

Aoteroa Quakes

February 2 2017

Earthquakes in New Zealand are common, but in November 2016 we had one that shook the whole country.

SVG Animations

October 28 2016

This is more a remind to myself. SVG animations are cool and I should play more with it.

Precise Pursuit Curve

May 4 2016

I doodle a lot at work, It helps me think about stuff I'm working on.
My way to have a wee break, not directly working on the problem but trying to put some ideas together.